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Posted on: Monday, May 23, 2016


i recently shared that i went out on my own to launch my own company, lucky collective. it’s been about six weeks or so working by myself, and it’s already learned a lot about myself, both personally and professionally. one of the most challenging things has been being alone all day, as i’m extroverted and feed off the energy of other people. instead of working from my apartment all day, i try to switch it up and work from a coffee shop or cafe in either the morning or afternoon. i’m always on the lookout for good spots with wifi so thought i would share my go-to places to work.

elite audio cafe (folsom x 5th) // smallish, but great spot known for their crazy latte art!
soma streat food (11th x bryant) // most people don’t think of this as a working spot, but i love working here! it’s a great lunch work spot on a nice day, since there’s tons of food trucks there and lots of outdoor seating.
red door cafe/111 minna (minna x 2nd) // one of those coffee-during-the-day, wine-for-happy-hour working spots, plus they have toast and other good small bites.

duboce park cafe
(duboce x sanchez) // coffee drinks, smoothies/juice, salads and sandwiches, plus beer/wine if you’re working late. this is my go-to neighborhood spot, right next to the park.
beanbag cafe (hayes x divis) // cheap and dive-y spot with hazelnut coffee (my fave) and breakfast, lunch and dinner options. $2 craft beers on draft is always a good thing to power through the late afternoon!

stable cafe (folsom x 17th) // i think this may be my all time favorite spot. yummy breakfast and lunch options, plus the dreamiest backyard (pictured below)
melage market (17th x capp) // right around the corner from stable, this is a cute spot with lunch and coffee options and big, bright windows.
coffee bar (bryant x mariposa) // this place is usually pretty packed, but if you get there early enough, it’s a great work spot with fresh juices, salads and pastries.
haus coffee (24th x mission) // this is a new-to-me spot with no food for sale, but strong coffee, super quiet vibes (good if you have a lot of work to do!) and a backyard patio.

Stable Cafe

(hayes x gough) // one side cafe, other side wine bar, with a beautiful, jungle-y back patio. great spot for all day working with yummy food options.
artis (octavia x hayes) // small, but great option for a work sess. not a ton of tables, but if you can snag one, it’s good vibes in here!
mercury cafe (octavia x page) // i don’t love working inside here, as i find it kind of dark, but i love grabbing an iced coffee and sitting at one of their outdoor tables and working.

mazarine (market x 3rd) // a busy and bustling spot downtown, but good spot for in-person meetings. i still need to try their epic toast!
equador (market x 6th) // the mid-market area can be a little rough, but equador is a mini oasis among the chaos with strong coffee and breakfast and lunch options. they also have fresh-pressed cashew milk available (!!)
nordstrom bistro (market x 5th) // typically you wouldn’t think of nordstrom as a working spot, but shopping AND wifi AND food AND views of union square? yes please! i’ve worked at the nordstrom bistro (top floor of the nordstrom in the mall) while snacking on tasty burrata.

saint frank (polk x union) // this cafe is sooo dreamy and pretty! get there early to snag a table and work here!
contraband (larkin x california) // i haven’t been here in awhile, but it’s a good, centrally located spot to get serious work done.

jane (fillmore x california) // work in the upstairs loft area and snag an iced coffee, green smoothie or any of their tasty and healthy breakfast or lunch options. right now, i’m loving their passionfruit bowl!
as quoted (sacramento x spruce) // this is a new farm-to-table, seasonal cafe that is gorgeous on the inside with delicious food and wifi. i LOVE the kale caesar salad here, so it’s a regular lunch work spot for me.

Jane on Fillmore

i know this isn’t an extensive list, and i didn’t cover a lot of neighborhoods, like the marina, north beach, castro, inner/outer richmond, dogpatch, potrero hill, inner/outer sunset…but these are my tried and true spots for a good work session! for more recommendations, check out this 7×7 article by friend shikha sharing her favorite spots with wifi – including other neighborhoods than the ones i shared. i’d LOVE to hear your go-to work spots in san francisco if you have any to add to my list!

trip to monterey & big sur

Posted on: Monday, May 16, 2016

#GrabYourMoment Monterey - 15

Last weekend, my parents and sister Hope were visiting California and we decided to break up their visit by spending some time in San Francisco and the rest down in Monterey County! This area of California is one of my very favorites; I have very fond, happy memories (including getting engaged!) visiting places like Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur with both Eric and my parents in the past, and also it’s arguably one of the most beautiful drives along Highway 1 in California. I was SO excited for this trip! It’s been wayyy too long since my last visit (November 2014 for engagement) and I was due for an adventure down there. We stayed in Monterey and had a chance to explore there and Carmel, but we carved out a full day on Mother’s Day to explore Big Sur.

I wanted to share a few photos from our trip and explain some of the places we visited! I love living so close (less than 2.5 hour drive from SF!) to this beautiful stretch of coast, and being in Monterey and Big Sur over the weekend reminded me that I need to plan more weekend trips down here soon. Enjoy!

Exploring Monterreythe town is so cute and we happened to be there on a pretty sleepy, not-super-touristy weekend (yay!). We spent our first afternoon/evening just wandering around Cannery Row and along the ocean on the way to Lover’s Point and had a delicious dinner at Cannery Row Brewing Company. My mom spent a half hour just sitting on the rocks observing the pretty view – it was the cutest! We stayed at THE cutest Airbnb in Monterey –  pictured below, but you can find more lodging options on the Monterey County website. Isn’t that fireplace so dreamy?

#GrabYourMoment Monterey - 5 #GrabYourMoment Monterey - 4 #GrabYourMoment Monterey - 8 #GrabYourMoment Monterey - 6 #GrabYourMoment Monterey - 10

BIG SUR // Bixby Bridge & Highway 1 : On Sunday, we woke up early and drove down Highway 1, heading to Big Sur! The best part about road tripping through Monterey County is stopping whenever you want to catch the stunning views. We stopped A LOT! I always make sure to stop at Bixby Bridge, which is kind of like the entrance to Big Sur and a super iconic (and beautiful) view.
#GrabYourMoment Monterey - 13 #GrabYourMoment Monterey - 9

BIG SUR // Partington Cove Trail Hiking: One of our stops during our Big Sur trip was at this trail, where we went down a bridge and also through a tunnel to get to the ocean! It was gorgeous (and worth that uphill hike back to the car!)

#GrabYourMoment Monterey - 1 #GrabYourMoment Monterey - 3

BIG SUR // McWay Falls: This place is literally magical. McWay Falls is the most amazing waterfall in Big Sur that falls into the sand, right along the ocean. The views are truly breathtaking and the walk to see the views is really accessible (good for parents who aren’t used to our California hills!). The view in the top photo is also from McWay Falls.
#GrabYourMoment Monterey - 11 IMG_2444 #GrabYourMoment Monterey - 2

BIG SUR // Pfeiffer Beach: This place is super special to me. The first time I visited this beach was at sunset with my mom about four years ago and it was a really memorable weekend together. This is also the spot, at sunset, where Eric proposed to me, so I obviously get all the feels being here. We spent a few hours here just lounging on the beach – mom and dad napped, while E, Hope and I played cards and just soaked up the Big Sur sunshine!
#GrabYourMoment Monterey - 12 #GrabYourMoment Monterey - 14

If you haven’t been to Monterey or Big Sur, I HIGHLY recommend visiting! Here’s some suggestions:

Places to eat/drink (we went to all of these spots this weekend!): Big Sur Bakery for pastries and coffee, weekend brunch or dinner, Nepenthe in Big Sur for a drink overlooking the ocean, Big Sur Taphouse for local beer, Cannery Row Brewing Company in Monterey for dinner/drinks

Fun things to do outdoors / pretty views: wander around Lover’s Point in Monterey, hike in Big Sur, stop at beautiful spots like McWay Falls, Partington Cove Trail, Bixby Bridge and Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, do the legendary 17-Mile Drive through Carmel.

Here’s the full list of Monterey County regions, including Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel, Salinas and more, with additional suggestions! #GrabYourMoment and plan a trip ASAP!


Posted on: Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lucky Collective

I have some exciting news! I’ve launched my own social media, digital marketing and creative shop – Lucky Collective. I’ve wanted to work for myself for a really long time and one main reason was to have more control of my work/life balance and have flexibility to work on what I want and when I want. I chose the word collective because it’s a word that implies bringing together – and that’s what I want to do – bring together amazing people with different skills and talents to do awesome work. My own specialities are social media marketing, event planning, influencer activations and the like, but ultimately, I want to be able to pull in other people with different talents, like PR and graphic design, to work together with me! One of my favorite things to do is to connect people to one another, and I’m excited about this career adventure that *hopefully* will let me do more of that, both personally and professionally!

If you know any brands, businesses or individuals who need help with all things digital marketing – keep me in mind. My work email is theluckycollective@gmail.com and here’s my full site: luckycollective.com!

Huge thank you to my good friends Renee for designing the site and Brian for all of his coding/behind-the-scenes magic. <3

cocktails in san francisco

Posted on: Thursday, May 5, 2016

I recently went to an event, hosted by Inforum at the Commonwealth Club, that I want to share about! Inforum produces Bay Area events, where you can listen to and meet “local celebrities” in entertainment, tech, pop culture, politics, etc. The event I went to was a cocktail reception and Q&A with the founders of Future Bars, the guys behind Bourbon and Branch and other popular Bay Area cocktail bars.

It was super interesting to hear the stories about how they got started, what the purpose of their bars is all about and more. My *favorite* part (other than sipping their yummy cocktails!) was hearing about how they describe each of their individual bars in their own words! I liked that they described each as “a celebration of something” and that’s what the entire vibe of the bar is all about. Each bar has a distinct concept, style and personality, but they all focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and attentive, hospitable service. They also want all of their bars to be an escape from regular life or some of the “basic” places you could get a drink.

So I wanted to share with you more info about the different FutureBars’ bars, including their location, vibe and a quick overview of what you can expect there! If you’re not sure where to get a drink this weekend, definitely check out one (or all…) of these spots! I’ve been to the four below indicated with *.

Bourbon & Branch* (501 Jones x O’Farrell) – “A celebration of the 1920’s and the era of Prohibition when the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverage was outlawed.”

Devil’s Acre (256 Columbus Avenue x Broadway) –  “A celebration of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast era of the 1850’s to the early 1900’s.”
Step inside to sample a time when the difference between a saloon keeper and pharmacist wasn’t much, and both were prone to prescribing a variety of alcohol based mixtures that were supposed to “cure what ails you.”

Local Edition *(691 Market Street x 3rd) – “A celebration of newspaper heritage.”
This bar is located in the Hearst building, where the printing press from the San Francisco Examiner lived for 75 years. when Future Bars was renovating the space, they found tons of old editions of the SF Examiner newspaper, that they have displayed in the bar!

Pagan Idol (375 Bush Street x Kearney) – “A celebration of island life.”
The purpose of this cocktail bar is to transport you to vacation mode.

Rickhouse* (246 Kearney x Bush) – “A superior beverage experience.”
Whether you are interested in artisanal cocktails, fine spirits, local beers or boutique California wines, this spot has a precious and peculiar selection (plus good vibes!)

Swig (561 Geary x Jones ) – “The City’s quintessential modern classic bar.”
The decor is inviting and vibrant, the music is always fantastic, the drinks are always delicious and the staff is always energetic and knowledgeable

Tradition *(441 Jones Street x O’Farrell) – “A celebration of America”
This bar features all-American advertisements from the 1920s and 30s. They also have “themed nooks” in the space after different types of bars, like hotel bar, Tiki bar, etc.

Tupper and Reed (2271 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley) – “A celebration of music”.
The cocktail bar is named after a music shop that occupied the historic building. fun fact: almost every musician who visited the Bay Area went here for an drink pack in the bar’s original state!

If you’re interested in attending an Inforum event, visit HERE.


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